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June 2018 Want/Bring List

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  • June 2018 Want/Bring List

    List below what you'll be bringing to the June 2018 meeting and what you are looking for.

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    I will definitely have some more Amazon Swords available by the time this rolls around if anyone wants big plants. I have a bunch of babies just starting, so if a lot of people want them, I can bring them all.


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      Really need some assassin snails


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        I have golden mystery snails


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          Looking for Malaysian trumpet snails and pretty cherry shrimp. :-)

          I've got two young adult albino corydoras and 3 Lemon Drop bristlenose pleco babies (2-3+ inches) available for sale or trade. No, I do not have a number for those plecos. Purchased them off of eBay from a breeder. They are the traditional dark chestnut color, but very pretty with light lemon yellow on the tail and yellow pinpoint spots. They are great, just too Dynamic for my Nano tanks. Please let me know if you want me to bring.
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            I have 2 assasin snails to trade or sell.
            I'm interested in green emerald corys, nerite snails, mystery snails, decent size fancy moore or gray oranda, maybe some cholla wood.


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              **Blast! Midsummer fairies strike again! Trouble with Filter = murky water. I will extend this offer to next month. If you would like some free sarasas, please just let me know at this meeting and I will set them aside for you:

              (Earlier) "Also, I have several lovely sarasa comets surplus to need in my pond. 3-6/7 inches, solid red, veil tails. Probably five or six of these guys. Please let me know if you would like me to bring, as they will take some time to net!"
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                Bringing a plethora of plants for auction.

                For sale:
                34G acrylic tank (drilled)
                48 Led lights
                tissue culture plants (correctly named, no algae no pests)


                Mr3, Mr12, Mr13,


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                  Anyone have guppy grass available? I know, exciting, right? I expect to be on the cover of planted tank next month.

                  Also, I am gratefully accepting gifts of duckweed for my koi pond. I have a devil of a time growing the stuff because of the extreme alkalinity of our well water in New River, and it is extremely good for the fish. They eat it like M&M's!

                  Finally, low light/low tech plants cheerfully bid upon at auction.
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                    If anyone brings cardinal tetras I will bid on them...