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MACNA is coming to Phoenix 2020

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  • MACNA is coming to Phoenix 2020

    The 32nd annual Marine Aquarium Conference of North America is coming to Phoenix for the first time August 28 to 30, 2020.

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    Early info
    1. Website :
    2. To be held at : Phoenix Convention Center
    3. 3 day full early bird conference pass $139 includes reception and banquet (estimated $199 on day of the conference)
    4. Rumored single day tickets will go on sale early January
    5. Rumored applications for volunteers will be accepted around the first of the year. People volunteer for 4 hour shifts will be given a pass to the conference and will be enroll in a special prize raffle.


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      So far a partial list of guest speakers that will attend MANCA 2020

      Dr. Ben Titus
      Topic: More than just Nemo: new insight into the clownfish-sea anemone symbiosis.
      Ramon Villaverde
      Topic: Planning, Building, and Running the 1,200 sq. ft. AZA Florida Reef Tract Rescue Project Facility
      Russell Kelley
      Topic: Why corals are amazing: how an animal without a brain conquered the oceans.
      Richard Ross
      Topic:How to become a reef master
      Dr. Liz Marchio
      Topic: The Art of Aquarium Keeping Communicates Science and Conservation
      Colin Foord
      Topic: Rock Flower Anemones (Phymanthus crucifer) and How to Aquaculture them at Home.
      Dr. Greg Barord
      Topic: Inspiring Future Minds. Educating the next generation on professional marine aquarists.

      Also speaking

      Frank Oliaro
      Jake Adams
      Dr. Andrew Rhyne
      Dr. Sanjay Joshi
      Alyssa Gabriel
      Avier J. Montalvo
      Hunter Hammond: Noted Phoenix Arizona Reefer
      Julian Sprung


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        April 29, 2020:

        MACNA 2020 is currently scheduled to run as normal.

        MACNA 2020 Ticket sales / transfers: Tickets are fully transferable up until July 31, 2020. Complete the private sale, and have the seller let us know through the MACNA 2020 contact page using the “Transfer / Sell Pass” option here.

        MACNA 2020 Ticket Exchange: MASNA is allowing the credit from MACNA 2020 tickets purchased before April 25, 2020 to be transferred to MACNA 2021 tickets. This exchange must be completed before July 31, 2020. Please fill out the MACNA 2020 contact form using the “Ticket Exchange” option here. This will invalidate your existing MACNA 2020 tickets and is non-reversible.


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          MACNA 2020 in Phoenix has officially been cancelled