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  • Checking Out AAPE

    Hello everyone, It has been many years since I have posted a topic at this forum.

    Attached pictures of Cryptocoryne parva given to me by Dan Pellegrini, a fellow AAPE member. It was growing submerged when it was given to me. I tried growing it emersed and it grew well and multiplied.
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    Nice Cris!
    Good to see you are still doing an awesome job with plants!


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      Thanks Mike, you are the first member who responded to my post. I guess most members now are new to me or don’t know me. I can’t keep up in the maintenance of submerged plants. For example, my 120P doesn’t have a single leaf of plant.

      I want to revive the 120P. I think it is advisable to plant densely to minimize algae. I forgot how to use the hose to change aquarium water by attaching to the faucet….lol

      My smart phone tossed all AAPE emails to the junk mail. So I saw your email when I opened the junk mail a couple minutes ago.

      Thanks for saying hello. Talk to you again.

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        Hi Crispino,

        glad that you are still around and in the hobby. Did COVID kill this board ? And where are people hanging out now ?
        I still have my 4ft 75g tank. Right now going through lighting issues. Only plants and 2 Amanos now.


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          It’s good to hear from you. There are monthly meetings but I haven’t attended any of them. Send a message to Paula, she should be able to tell you the meeting schedules and meetings of other groups. Most of my aquariums have immersed plants like the genus Bucephalandra. I have one tank that has Platys given to me by a member from Tucson about 10 years ago.


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            There’s an AAPE meeting on Saturday.

            “Don’t forget the meeting this Saturday, November 5th at noon. Arrive early at 11 at Kabuki and get some great food as well.” Copied from MacIntosh’s post.