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  • Checking Out AAPE

    Hello everyone, It has been many years since I have posted a topic at this forum.

    Attached pictures of Cryptocoryne parva given to me by Dan Pellegrini, a fellow AAPE member. It was growing submerged when it was given to me. I tried growing it emersed and it grew well and multiplied.
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    Nice Cris!
    Good to see you are still doing an awesome job with plants!


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      Thanks Mike, you are the first member who responded to my post. I guess most members now are new to me or don’t know me. I can’t keep up in the maintenance of submerged plants. For example, my 120P doesn’t have a single leaf of plant.

      I want to revive the 120P. I think it is advisable to plant densely to minimize algae. I forgot how to use the hose to change aquarium water by attaching to the faucet….lol

      My smart phone tossed all AAPE emails to the junk mail. So I saw your email when I opened the junk mail a couple minutes ago.

      Thanks for saying hello. Talk to you again.

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