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Help! Chemotherapy and planted tanks

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  • Help! Chemotherapy and planted tanks

    Our five year old Grandson has cancer and lives with us. He just had his 2nd chemotherapy out of 43. My wife asked the doctors about the fish tanks we have five of them( 3 planted). They said fine but he is not to play with them or feed the fish. I am worried down the road they could make him sick when his immune system is compromised and is neutropenic. Does anyone here have any experience with this situation?

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    I could see them getting him sick if one of the fish have any diseases, however it wouldn't be a HUGE deal if the whole tank is kept clean and taken care of. I can see why they advise of that, however as for feeding them it might be to avoid the fish getting any types of radiation since he will still be slightly radioactive after those treatments.
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      I don't think they were talking about the safety of the fish in this instance. I do believe in very rare cases fish can get an illness that can transfer to humans. Thats something you definitely can further research and get factual proof. My best guess is even if the fish had a contagious disease..the only way it could be passed is if your son was in the tank or handling the fish. Last and least important...If i had cancer i definitley would want aquariums around me. Im recovering from a major illness now and aquariums have brought light to my darkness during my worst discomforts. My immune system was very low (not cancer) but I found this group initially for the sole purpose of the need for upliftment from the burdens of heavy illness.