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  • I'm hosting a giveaway

    Hello everyone! Although I'm not so active on here (sadly due to me only having my 5.5 gallon setup as a half planted tank and still working on the DIY aspect of my 55 gallon's background with paint and all) I'm hosting a giveaway for some Seachem products on a website I run. If this isn't the right section (or honestly not allowed at all, please feel free to delete administrators and moderators).

    Below is some information on it along with the link on how to join. I've given away various other products to people around the US and I plan on doing this for awhile.

    Get your chance to win some awesome name brand products by doing simple things. Everyone and anyone can enter for a chance to win this awesome package that only takes a few minutes to complete!

    Win our Seachem Aquarium Health Package and a Premium membership to FreshAquaria! Contest ends on August 31st!
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