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Suggestions for a reasonable PH controller?

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  • Suggestions for a reasonable PH controller?

    My wife Carrie and I are making our second attempt at using CO2 in our 120 gallon tank... she's been receiving some advice concerning the variables involved (light, co2 and nutrients ) , but I'm trying to eliminate at least one variable by controlling the co2 automatically. Any suggestions for reasonable priced equipment? We've seen these on Amazon, but I'm not sure if either are going to do the job...
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    I've used the Milwaukee controllers with high success. What is I think more important is the regulator and bubble counter. has an electronic regulator/bubble counter. It's not cheap, but it is very accurate.


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      Is there a specific reason why you think a PH controller is necessary? You could easily adjust your bubble count manually by watching your plants and fish over a couple of hours or days. You could also use a PH paper or a kit initially to get an idea where your PH is together with a specific bubble count. I checked my PH at some point but stopped doing it years ago without any problems and just adjust as seems appropriate. May save you some money.


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        Thanks for the replies... just wanting to use it as a means of accurately controlling the co2. My mechanical regulator and bubble counter lacks some fine adjustment capability, but once set, it's consistent.
        Algae is the primary concern... I'm trying to eliminate low co2 as a contributing factor.
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          I've been using that Milwaukee pH controller and the same 5LB CO2 fill for over a year now. CO2 reactor is the canister filter. Bubble rate is 1BPS because the controller is doing the work and minimal pH changes are best.


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            This is an interesting topic!