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Amazon Aquarium Closing

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  • Amazon Aquarium Closing

    Amazon Aquarium at 43rd Ave and Thunderbird are closing for good on 7/31.

    Currently %50 off all fish and equipment.
    Also selling all their display tanks for $35 (29 gallon, includes light and sponge filter). Everything else is also up for sale.

    Fish stock (as I remember): Neons, GBR, BN pleco, lemon tetra, bleeding heart tetra, head and tail light tetra, swordtails, various African cichlids, koi angels, serpae tetra, mollys, MM platys, clown loaches

    From the website:
    "Selling custom-made 30 gal. hatchery tanks. New were $65. Now $25 for walnut trim and $30 for oak. Each is 24x24x11". All are drilled out.
    Also selling 29-gal. and 55-gal. tanks, plus lots more equipment and supplies.
    Call Susan Riedel at 602-769-8753."

    Sad to see another local store going away.

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    Kind of sad, but I don't know how they survived this long. I was always the only one in there when I shopped & no one had ever heard of them when I talked fish/reptile stores to people. I'll try to head up today though and see what they have left.


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      Just stopped in there & got a bunch of stuff. Still a lot of fish and tanks available. A few plants as well. Please help her out. It's a terrible position to be in.


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        What is the actual address? What corner or which side of the street?


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          It's in a plaza next to a bike store on the south side of the street.


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            SE corner,
            I would call before heading that way, the hours have become a little sporadic.

            4219 W. Thunderbird Road
            Phoenix, AZ 85053


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              Stopped in the store yesterday and met the owner. Very nice lady. Picked up some beautiful angels and a nice heater. Not much left