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  • Local Retailers

    Amazon Aquarium and Pets
    4219 W. Thunderbird Rd.
    Phoenix, AZ 85053
    *Marine and Freshwater fish, tanks, lighting,

    Aquarium Arts
    1810 W. Baseline
    Mesa, AZ
    (480) 820-8688
    *Tanks, filters, lighting, marine fish

    12040 N. 32nd St.
    Phoenix, AZ
    *Tanks, lighting, filters, marine reef and freshwater planted tank equipment/Co2/fish/inverts/plants

    Fins & Friends
    6052 N 16th St
    Phoenix, AZ 85016
    *Fresh and Marine fish
    -No website avail.

    Ocean Floor
    2347 W. Thomas Rd
    Phoenix, AZ
    (602) 254-8252
    *Tanks, filtration, lighting, marine and freshwater livestock, plants

    Pet Safari
    1107 E Bell Rd # 10
    Phoenix, AZ 85022
    (602) 971-5280
    *Marine fish, corals, inverts., some lighting equipment avail.

    Pets Inc.
    3201 S. Mill Ave
    Tempe, AZ
    (480) 966-7910
    *Freshwater and marine livestock, plants, corals, tank equipment, lighting

    Phoenix Tropical Fish Inc.
    3148 North 37th Street, Phoenix, AZ
    (602) 955-4180‎
    *Freshwater fish, tanks, equipment
    -No Website Avail

    Tropical Treasures
    2814 W. Bell
    Phoenix, AZ
    (602) 993-8000
    *Fresh and saltwater fish, tanks, lighting
    -No Website Avail

    Any others out there I didn't mention??:alberteinstein:
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    Re: Local Retailers

    Local Retailers MAP::
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      Re: Local Retailers

      update tropical treasures is at 35ave and greenway new store same phone
      If any one needs a big tank and stand moved call me have a trailer that squats. Phone 602-399-1991. Names Robert


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        Re: Local Retailers

        don is doing the 12 days of christmas if your on his mailing list.
        If any one needs a big tank and stand moved call me have a trailer that squats. Phone 602-399-1991. Names Robert


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          Re: Local Retailers

          This is kind of old, but if you want to update it I would take off Pet Safari and Pets Inc and add Petz Place, The Pet Shop, Wildside Pets and Reef Culture. I think there are a couple more missing as well, but I'm not sure.


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            Re: Local Retailers

            Where is Wildside Pets?
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              Re: Local Retailers


              Higley/Brown in Mesa


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                Re: Local Retailers

                PHX Tropical is awesome, been going there since the 80's.


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                  Re: Local Retailers

                  Phoenix Tropical is very disappointing. Very little selection of equipment, tanks were all dirty, fish looked like overgrown trade-ins , broken or dirty equipment lying everywhere, smelled aweful, the only thing that looked happy in that zoo was the obese pig. Didn't see one fish I would purchase. Felt bad for the four HUGE discus stuffed into a small cube up front.
                  Not one person greeted me or asked if I needed help.

                  I miss Ben at ANA!!!!


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                    Re: Local Retailers

                    Like night and day huh? You will not find another shop in the US that will impress you after shopping at ANA, that's the downside to me ever walking in that place..everything will disappoint now.


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                      Re: Local Retailers

                      They are among us!!

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                      Local Fish Stores of Phoenix


                      Aqua Touch
                      12040 North 32nd Street
                      Phoenix, Arizona 85028

                      Hours: Mon-Sat 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
                      Sunday 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
                      Phone: 602-765-9058


                      Tropical Treasures
                      3502 W. Greenway Rd. #7
                      Phoenix, AZ 85053

                      Hours: Mon-Sun 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
                      Phone: 602-993-8000


                      Reef Culture
                      406 South Price Road
                      Tempe, AZ 85281

                      Phone: 480-446-3474
                      Hours: Mon-Sat 11am to 7PM
                      Sun 12PM to 4PM



                      Aquarium Arts
                      1810 W Baseline Rd,
                      Mesa, AZ 85202

                      Phone: 480-820-8688
                      Hours: Mon to Fri 11AM to 730PM
                      Sat 11AM to 6PM



                      The Aquarius
                      2003 East 5th Street #4
                      Tempe, AZ 85281

                      Phone: 602-703-2416
                      Hours: Wed to Sat 12PM to 8PM
                      Sun 12PM to 5PM



                      Discount Aquarium Fish & Reef
                      10439 North Cave Creek Road
                      Phoenix, Arizona 85020
                      Office: 602-861-6728

                      Store Hours:
                      Tuesday- Saturday 11AM - 7PM
                      Sunday - 12 - 4PM



                      Wildside Pets
                      1042 N. Higley Road
                      Mesa, Arizona 85205
                      (480) 985-3121

                      Monday-Saturday 10-7
                      Sunday 11-5



                      Reef Monsters
                      4460 E Mainstreet Suite 120
                      Mesa, AZ 85205

                      Store Hours:
                      Monday-Saturday: 11a to 8pm
                      Sunday: 12p to 6pm



                      The Pet Shop
                      2235 South Power Road Suite 107
                      Mesa, AZ. 85209
                      US 60 and Power Road about ¼ Mile South of Baseline on the East Side next to China City Buffet


                      Amazon Aq.
                      4219 W. Thunderbird Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85053


                      The Ocean Floor
                      2347 West Thomas Road
                      Phoenix, Arizona 85009
                      (602) 254-8252

                      Store Hours
                      Mon-Sat 10am-7pm
                      Sun 10am-6pm

                      If you have any updates to this list please feel free to PM JMCAquarium and I'll edit the list.

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                        Re: Local Retailers

                        Copy and posted my Sticky from Reefcentral ^^^^^^

                        Also Fins and Friends and a new place just opened like 2 months ago "Something in the water" in surprise Cute little store "little"