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  • Guppies

    As mentioned in different thread, getting another one of my tanks restocked which has mostly snails. Either going cherry shrimp or guppies. Lots of hiding space with the plants for fry. Thinking about trying my hand with guppies. Anyone know any good sources for guppies locally?

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    All the best posts are older than the hills! The complication here, clearly, is the locally part. I've been kicking around the idea of putting in an order to Guppy Train pretty seriously. If you are still interested, perhaps we can talk about this possibility and splitting the shipping? On the other hand, if you found a local source for near show quality if not show quality Guppies, I'd sure like to know about it.


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      I have 3 million endlers. I also was given some other guppies and they have been hanging out with endlers in a different tank, which means I have hybrids. All are available. Anyone can DM me any time for endlers, Amazon swords, crypts and the other things that I bring to every single meeting because I can't get rid of them.