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  • 5g Nano

    Quite possibly one of the smallest tanks I have ever set-up/owned!

    I want to stock with Macro algae, some Mushrooms and some Zoanthids...

    Still on the fence about adding fish.. have been thinking about adding a Rainfords goby, yellow striped cardinal, a bangai cardinal, a dwarf sp. of pipefish, clown goby, or maybe a black ray shrimp goby with a pistol shrimp--but still leaning more toward no fish..

    I do plan on having a small clean-up crew.. regardless of whether I add a fish or not...a few blue leg hermits, 2 margarita snails, a star astrea, 3 nassirius snails. Not sure if I should have an emerald crab or not...

    I have never set up a nano tank this small, so I am having trouble finding what I think would be a good filter... any suggestions??

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    Re: 5g Nano

    thinking about using an Aquaclear rated for 20+ gallons--is there any such thing as too much flow? I am also going to put a Koralia 240 nano powerhead in there too--Kinda worried that the intake will be burried in the sand... And for lighting I want to use a 20" current T-5 light strip.


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      Re: 5g Nano

      I'm pretty sure that no cardinalfish standard in the trade would be happy in a 5 gallon. Some of the tinier gobies, maybe, but even then probably only 1 fish.
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        Re: 5g Nano

        After much debate.. I have decided to also include.. an Aquaclear filter retrofitted to be a Refugium :) Any good clamp lights out there that anyone would recommend for such a small fuge-- that of course doesn't cost a down payment on a new car? ;P

        sOOOoooo....My equipment list for My Nano so far:
        5 gallon Tank--(Check)
        Glass lid-- (gotta keep the cats out)
        18" Current T-5 OR Marineland double bright LED
        Aquaclear 20 (filter)
        Aquaclear 50(refugium)
        Surface skimmer
        Hydor LED blue aquarium accent light
        Koralia Nano powerhead
        Un-decided light for refugium...

        Stock List:
        Sand 5-10lbs ( 2inches in the front, 3inches in the back..maybe deeper)
        Live Rock (roughly 10lbs--want an archipelago scape, not a back-filled look)
        Refugium mud
        Macro Algae for my Refugium
        Red 'ribbon' kelp
        Riccordia Mushrooms
        Blue Zoanthids
        Lemon kenya tree
        Red Montipora, or some other encrusting coral (cant decide what/if to add)
        Black Sun Polyp--maybe
        Organ Pipe Coral
        Blue Leg hermits
        Nassirius snails
        Star Astrea Snail
        Margarita snails--or bumble bee snails


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          Re: 5g Nano

          UPDATE :)

          Its been up and running for a few months so thought I would post an update.

          I went with the corallife 24" reef compatable LED light.
          Using a Marineland Filter with bio wheel as my main filter, and using the Aqua clear as a refugium; chunks of LR and a nice clump of cheato. Also had to ad a heater now that its cold in the house.

          Green Dragons eye zoos, Tubbs Blue Zoos, Florida orange ricordea, Galaxia, and
          went with a black ray goby and a pistol shrimp for my fish. Planning on adding some more softies.. xenia, sympodium, and finger leather...

          Parameters are pretty good actually--considering the tanks small size... Calcium is at 450ppm, Salinity maintains between 1.0022-- and 1.024 depending on evaporation.. Ph stays around 8.4- sometimes dips to 8.2 before a water change and nitrates/phosphates are kept low via weekily water changes...No room for a HOB skimmer... so I have made my own out of a small water bottle and air stone, and let it run for 3 days before I do any maint.


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            Re: 5g Nano

            Updates with some Pictures would be nice.
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              Re: 5g Nano


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                Re: 5g Nano

                pic 1: with daylights on--complete with foggy glass that i forgot to clean...oops.

                pic 2: moon lights on

                pic 3: Green, yellow, and orange Ricordia
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