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Clownfish and Anemone first set up.

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  • Clownfish and Anemone first set up.

    Hey, I'm new here.. kind of! My dad and I used to be members here years and years ago! I need some advice or recommendations. I'm starting up a 10 gallon tank specifically for 2 Clownfish, a Peppermint Shrimp, 2-3 Turbo Snails and as many anemones as I can display without over population. So, my concerns are: Is what I'm wanting to do going to over populate my tank? Is there such thing as too many anemones? (I want about 5-6 but I was told I should have 1 per Clown..) Can anyone recommend me a good/cheap LED light set up? (Or tell me what specs I need for a light so I can just custom build my own.) What kind of filtration can I get away with? (I was thinking about cutting out about 20% of my tank to install an overflow INSIDE the tank and pack it with live rock to keep my tank as open as possible, but I was told I could get away with an overhang, I just don't want too much so my fish don't bounce around all over the tank. I'm all about DIY and Customization so any ideas are greatly appreciated. I've only had Dwarf Lions in a 20L before so the whole needing specific lights and filters is all new to me.

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    I have a setup for you. MrAqua 11.4 Gallon rimless aquarium with overflow and return, with sump and cabinet.

    Sumps are great places to keep the heater hidden. Also good holding spots for extra live rock pieces.

    For lights: The Kessil A160 Tuna Blue is the winner here because its dimmable and the spectrum won't change regardless how you tune the color from deep blue to bright blue. For the money you are spending on this tank this light is worth it.

    You only need a water turnover rate of 10-12x so 100-120gph for your tank. Recommend Eheim 2213 with bio balls or Eheim 1048 pond pump if you have a sump and overflow.

    You will just use it to keep the water clear. All the biological action is happening on and around the live rocks.