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Floating Chaetomorpha Ball

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  • Floating Chaetomorpha Ball

    I bought some styrofoam balls awhile back with the intent to make freshwater java moss balls that would float like the ones they sell at petco. It didn't really work, but chaeto is extremely wiry and held to the ball much more efficiently. I have a ton more chaeto and could potentially make more if this grows well. I have a ton of java moss as well, so if anyone has any hints to attach it to the ball, I'd love to hear them. I used fishing line for this one, but the java moss doesn't stay together as well as the chaeto.
    Also, that blurry thing in the top left is a snail covered in hair algae. I've gotten rid of almost all the algae in the tank and cleaned that snail multiple times, but for some reason he has decided he likes having long hair. The other snails have no hair.