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FYI Restart of the Desert Aquarist Society in Tucson

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  • FYI Restart of the Desert Aquarist Society in Tucson

    Desert Aquarist Society meets in Tucson. December will be their second meeting.

    "The Desert Aquarist Society is meeting December 5th at Arizona Game and Fish starting at 2 pm. We have two excellent programs. The first program speakers are Mike Martinez and Jason Pannell of Simply Elegant Aquatics (SEA) and they will speaking about "Fragging Corals." The second speaker is Dan Pape who will speak on "Live Foods." There is a promise of coral frags and live foods being in the raffle and auction as well as the usual filters, fish, heaters, etc.

    Go on the website and see the list of items from the last auction. Go to for this list, our club member of the month, the map, and more. Again a big thanks to Desert Pet Center for the donation of raffle and auction items including the $50 gift certificate.

    You too can bring in items for the raffle or auction. You can donate the items or get up to 50% return.

    Also the club T-shirts will be available for this meeting. See you next weekend and bring a friend...Dave"
    It's just a hobby! Right?